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  1. Nice to see this wonderful boat (and mascot for the site) rise like a Phoenix! Well done Mr R!! Godspeed! AB
  2. Airbill

    It's no Fluke!

    Dan, how exciting Tyler is getting started in school!! It's a long journey but it has to start somewhere, so good for him! That is a bummer and a bit of a tease to be without your gear while watching all those boats head out. I will take your advice on the chum bag next time we head out! We are at lake Wallenpaupack for the week and have been having a great time on the boat. Although I ran into a serious water in the fuel issue yesterday (quit trying to drain it after two gallons) and hauled the boat out and over to a marina. We pulled all the fuel out(50 gal) and changed all
  3. I would normally be up there that week but I'm bailing out on my trip to do some training. I have been going up 2-3 times a year for the last 15 years. We do the Silver Salmon run in September and the Kings in June. There is also some great rainbow and Dolly Varden in September! In fact pulled a 30" rainbow out of the Nak Nek river a few years ago In September. Since your going Halibut fishing I'm assuming your staying in Holmer or Sword for that activity. Your best salmon fishing would be south of there on the Kenai peninsula and the Aleutians. Let me know your itinerary and I can of
  4. Welcome to the Forum Tucker! We can get you point in the right direction, as Dan mentioned some pics would be really helpful.
  5. Agreed! Great to see the Dottie Q in the headlines!!
  6. Airbill

    It's no Fluke!

    Hit the Atlantic Highlands last week with the family to try and reduce the Fluke (Flounder) population somewhat. The day started early at 4:15 as I woke the troops and slowly herded them into the truck as we had a 1:45 drive to the Highlands. They were all great about it, especially my daughter and wife who, I sensed some skepticism of the day on their behalf. We stopped to pickup some lunch and bait (spearing and squid) just prior to launching the R230 down the beautiful municipal ramp at the Atlantic highlands. We made our way out just north of Sandy Hook and worked to get a quick
  7. Boat looks great! Well done! I do agree with Dan about the four stroke though. There is such a weight penalty for no more power that I would look hard for a Opti or etec that will also give great mileage and ultimately better performance due to weight reduction.
  8. Great day of fishing Dan!! Thanks for sharing some great pics and nice job on the big bruiser!! Glad to hear positive things on the battle 5000 as I purchased two last year and just getting some time on them. I need to check my top plate when I'm at lake Wallenpaupack for a week next week. I suspect it my be running a bit low as is still can't get more then 5200 RPMs trimmed up. I know my bottom paint isn't helping any but I may have that Opti a little too low.
  9. Looks like a great day off fishing!!
  10. You mentioned doing away with the splash well way back and I will tell you I omitted mine on a R200 that I was replacing the transom on. However, I created a bilge below after bridging the span and put a hatch for access to my lower engine bolts. When you do this you also lose a place for water in your two side rear lockers to drain to, so I added a bilge pump down there as well. I have since restored a 76' R230 and when I did the transom on that I chose to leave the splash well. However every time I launch my boat or saw the power off, I'm glad I raised the transom 5" when I replaced it,
  11. Agreed on all accounts Dan, I think I could do almost anything I wanted for a long time before it was noticed in my neck of the woods.
  12. Like the parable Dan, right on the money! Yeah you can get some pretty cinematic footage with the drone. That was a real quick 10 mins of footage I pulled from and quickly produced that. Audio and shoot seque and choice could have been better but the whole thing took an hour start to finish. Hope to use it to shoot the boat this season! Looks like you may end up needing a pilots license if the FAA has it's way....guess I'm covered there ;-)
  13. Dan if you go onto Youtube and search "airbill1" and click on my channel, look at the first video "Suzie's 50th Birthday Surprise" and tell me if you thinks she likes it! You can see the Drone was put into service for this quick shoot. OH PS it has to be watched on a PC as I used music that isn't authorized on a tablet or phone.
  14. Airbill

    Snapper Slam!

    John, I went with Captian Mike Maher out of Sabatian. He was a long time diver and commercial fisherman, who has a Rolodex full of coordinates from his diving days of hot spots on the bottom. I was thinking of you as we were headed out that day. Mr R. You recalled well the seas that day, it was flat calm so anything would have rode well. The Contender was a 2000 model, 30' LOA but they call it a 27'. It would be a handful to launch and retrieve alone but I did like the extra room when fishing. I have no desire to step up to twins and greater operating costs. I'm grateful to have my tri
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