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  1. Hey guys like I said please check your spec's on your unit the wider your width(verticle) the higher your dome needs to be.On plane,or idle estimate the degrees from the dome to the horizon,than find a average (no one said it would be easy)the point is we need to be very safe thats why we install radar.
  2. Sorry this is late,but dude YOUR THE MAN! me,I call somebody,(like you) come fix this(maybe thats why i'm broke!)
  3. Very,Very nice Thank You for finding and restoreing a CLASSIC.Enjoy!
  4. blktwr

    Bahama Trip

    Thanks for sharing or as they say posting, Great boat, i have run a ground(not watching were I was going) in a 17 ' flats skiff so don't feel bad .After all the time I have spent in the islands(grew up there ) One thing that my Dad taught me was and still stands TODAY, THE TWO RULES! ONE Never run at night, Two SEE RULE #1
  5. Way to go,used to fish out of Norwalk.Take great pride that your son takes the helm,teach him well.
  6. Hi,guys know its been awhile(family isuess etc.)been looking to replace my radar system(old school but still works .see members gallery"blk twr.)All I have heard is when useing DOME UNITS all objects including edge of hardtop is in the way must read and understand the specs.the wider the beam width the higher the dome.Hope this helps.
  7. blktwr

    Been Away

    Mr.R,My family's prayers are with you and your's.We can relate,It pains me just to think about it,My oldest son needed a Kidney Transplant for over 6(six) years,It was the most difficult time of our lives(so I thought),but we held on,prayed and the GOOD LORD and the Prayers came through and He finealy after all that we had gone through, He had his Kideny and one of the first things after the surgey was WHEN WE GONE FISHING,is the boat ready.Mr.R I and my family will pray that very soon you and yours wiil hear and be asked the same question!If you need more personal support,PLEASE PM me I know Its not easy.
  8. Hey to every one,Happy holidays and all the best.Know its been awhile but haven't forgot.Mr.R,I posted these pic's a while ago,knew you wanted to see them,but i think i posted then in the wrong place(members gallery)how to i transfer them to this catagory.
  9. blktwr

    Black Tower

    1980 Robalo 26 sportsman w/twin 350 inboards.
  10. blktwr

    I'm back?

    Hey Mr.R I'm back too,been a while I know.Health issues for wife,had card jacked,couldn't renew(just found out,thought i took care of all that,but have now)Good see you are all still here.Boat still sitting no time to take her out do miss it,may be soon will go for a ride.
  11. Hi,Mr. R, Been a while,Hope Ur in good health,Lot's been happen since we spoke last,Most not so good,but thats life.One Question were can I fine the port lights Robalo used on my rig ?.Housings and screens are intact,need the glass lights.Any help would be welcomed.If I rember U once said U had a recipe for Teak restro.Can use it now.In advance thank U for your help.
  12. blktwr

    Black Bear

    No matter how hard I try can't find cataloges or Higher Ground .Can You help?
  13. blktwr

    Black Bear

    Thank's Mr.R,By any chance do you have any PIC'S of that rig?Would love to see it.(still working on my rig.Biz and all that)will post pic's when its presentilble.
  14. blktwr

    Black Bear

    Hi, MR.R,Long time we haven't said Hi,Know your busy,But been thinking saw a ROBABLO at a show, donkey years ago and was curious,It was called the BLACK BEAR,Had a black colored hull,a full size fighting chair minus the foot rest in the bow and had a 24"radar dome(Totally unheard of on a boat smaller than 40') mounted on a alum.mast.The screen was mounted in the area that was for a chart,had twin outboards,a sea chest(Thur Hull Transducers,sea cocks etc. were mounted in here ),extra fuel,outriggers,AND EVERYTHING needed for serious offshore fishing (For you who don't Know or never knew,This was the time of Canyon Fever in the Northeast,Inshore rim was A Hundred miles,Nautical,Unheard of in a boat less than Forty feet(40) and here we we are running 25-28 footers at half(if not,less)than the price of a Big Time Name sport Fisherman and catching fish as big or bigger at a 1/4 of the price)What ever happened to them and how many were ever built.Can't remember if they were based on the 2660 or 2560 hull.But do Rember that there was more ROBALOS than Mako's or Aquasports :thumbsup:in the Canyons
  15. HAPPY B-DAY MR.R and may you be BLESSED with many more.All the best to you and yours for the Hoildays,May GOD bless.
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