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  1. I own a 1995 2140 and that trim can break just like any other older pc. of plastic, they don't last forever! My boat does fine with the 225 , I don't need to go faster. It is a fishing boat.
  2. The floor fish box drain is connected to a pump that sits just in front of the OB, you can only turn it on and off by the switch on the helm. It drains out the starboard side and there should be a filter before that water goes in the motor . If the pump sits idle for long periods you have to lift the round cover in front of the motor and turn the shaft it with a screw a few times to brake it loose so it can start working by the switch again.
  3. I am looking at the R222 cc to replace my WA 2140 and would love some opinions on this model. Thanks
  4. The price has been reduced to $18K. As before, If you need more info. on my Robalo 2140 WA please EMail to Speardivers@aol.com Thanks
  5. If anyone needs more info. on this 2140 please send Email to Speardivers@aol.com Thank you.
  6. These are last years photos. I will post more as soon as I get time. The price, boat and aluminum trailer should be around 20K.
  7. I will try. Do I post them here or in some other spot on this Site?
  8. Thank you for getting back. I had her since 1997 and still no bottom paint, she is showroom stuff, what a boat. I stopped diving last year and I'll be looking for an inshore boat not as much an offshore. Maybe a 21-23' CC
  9. Hello, I am looking for a good site to get a price on my 1995 WA 2140 since it was built by Brunswick back in the days I belive. Thanks
  10. How can a 225 hp Mercury be too small for an 18ft. c/c? What do you use your boat for?
  11. I have a Michigan Wheel Vortex four blade prop. size 15"x16P with the original box for sale. I bought it new several weeks ago to try it on my boat (always had a three blade) but the motor did not performed as I wanted. I paid $120.00 for it now selling for $55.00 + shipping. The paint is off in some places but the four blades are 100% solid with NO Damage to the edges or the prop. in general. Will ship using PayPal.
  12. on the listing part..where are the batteries on the 1995 2440? maybe that is doing it. I never notice a listing on my 1995 2140
  13. Why is my boat ship to shore radio only reaches a mile or two.
  14. Check fluid first then see if the motor makes some noise. No noise = motor problem
  15. They should be under your seats, there are two round cutouts on each so you can get to them but it is hard very hard. In my opinion..if you're using your boat in salt water why get all that salt thru your system when it is so hard to fix anything down there. I use these two spaces one for a cooler and the other for storage, works well for me. I have a "live bait bucket " if I,m going fishing with live bait and keep everybody happy.
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