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  1. Name: Ed Location: Hertford NC Year: 1993 Model: 2440 Power: 2012 Suzuki 200 Hspr 4 strokes Picture of hull id number: Picture of boat capacity plate: Pictures of boat:
  2. I have a 1993 2440 that had the old Merc 200s 2-strokes. In 2012, I re-powered with twin Suzuki 200 hspwr 4 strokes. I couldn't be happier. The 2440 is a bow heavy boat, and when I added the extra weight of the 4 strokes, it raised the bow and the entire ride was better. Yes, the hole shot is amazing and the speed tops out just under 50 MPH. However, what's most impressive to me is the control that I have more control at lower speeds especially in rough water. When I had the old two strokes I was unable to run comfortably at speeds from 20 to 24 kts and stay on plane. Of course the fuel economy is better and they are quiet as kittens. Nobody ever talks about Suzuki. Here in east Carolina, we have a dealer and a lot of boaters in the area have them on many different types of vessels. As you shop, take a look at them. In fact, the mechanic who used to keep my old 4 strokes running referred me to the Suzuki and like I said, I couldn't be happier.
  3. My livewell and washdown pumps all of a sudden are not working. They both worked fine all last year. I noticed that there are little breaker buttons next to the switches on the stern. Are these pumps fused? Thanks, Ed Sanford
  4. I re-powered my 1993 2440 with Twin 200 horsepower Suzuki's. The added weight actually made the boat run better. These workarounds are bow heavy and the extra weight on the transom gets that bow up out of the water. I did this in 2012 and I couldn't be more pleased. I had my transom thoroughly inspected before loading those engines. It's kind of amazing; everyone always talks about the quick hole shot and the higher speeds. What I really enjoy is the fact that I can stay on plane at lower speeds which I couldn't do with my old 2-stroke 200 pwr offshore Mercs. As a part of the re-power all new rigging was including. The throttles are much smoother.... The gauges are ... well... gauges... Good luck!!!
  5. esanford

    My Robalo

    A few shots of my 1993 will be posted now and again...
  6. Anchoring technique is also an issue. Here is how it is taught by U. S. Power Squadron. Gently drop your anchor into the water ( do not throw). At this point, do not tie it off... let it settle for a couple of minutes. Tie it off and determine if it has any holding. If it holds, pay out some scope but less than the scope you are trying to achieve. Put the engines in hard reverse... it should hold very strong with this. If it does not hold, do the first steps again. If it does hold pay out the final scope. Do a hard reverse again. it should be set at that point....t
  7. esanford


    I got your PM and responded.... Again, I believe that the boat is much better suited for the 200s. When I had my carbureted 200s the boat flew up on plane when the engines were in good shape. I've since repowered with 4 stroke Suzki DF200s and the performance is excellent. Make sure you have a survey and an engine test before buying... Ed
  8. Steve, I just saw your response. Since I posted, I installed a cheap plastic latch... Yours is much better; so yes, I would like to see more pictures... thanks, Ed
  9. The plastic catch that holds the anchor locker hatch down on my 2440 is broken. Does anyone know if you can purchase this part anywhere. I am looking all over the web and most are stainless steel or complete replacements rather than finding the one that's broken... Thanks, Ed Sanford
  10. I had the same issue and opened mine through the bilge 3 years ago and have not had a problem... I regularly use a shop vac to clear any debris around the edges of my fish wells to prevent such from entering the drain. However, I think that I will take the idea of putting in a stainless steel drain to make the situation even better... Ed Sanford
  11. Thanks... Great reminder... I have to take the boat back for the first service at 20 hours....
  12. Update on my new Zukes... I've put about 10 hours on the new engines and everything is going good. I am keeping a log just to document a few things. The first thing I did was to completely fill the gas tank. I fill up at a local marina that has pure non-ethanol gasoline. First thing I noticed is that I am actually filling the tank closer to capacity because the stern sits a little lower in the water. In the past my needle on the fuel gauge never really hit the full capacity mark (gas would come out of the overflow). The "bow heaviness" of the 2440 prevented "full fueling" This time the needle went all of the way to the end... I went out and did a typical afternoon fishing run... i.e. I ran over to my "fishing spot" which is about 10 nautical miles from my house. That was Saturday... I went out again on Wednesday and filled it up again. From fill up to fill up I had used 3.1 hours. When I filled it up again, it took only 18.2 gallons. Quick calculator math says that I burned at the rate of 5.8 gallons/hr. Of course, only about 45 minutes of this was running at 30 kts... The rest of it was trolling at about 3 kts. In other words on a normal fishing trip to my normal area, I am burning about 6 gallons per hour or slightly more than 10% of a tank of gas. Stated another way it costs me about $24.00/hr ($4.00/gallon current price)to fish. This is not a scientific way to come up with what these engines burn. However, at this point, I know that I've lowered my cost for fishing "normally"... When I go on a long run at some point, I will be able to calculate my fuel burn rate at cruising speeds. I've included some pictures of the engines hanging on the boat... I also put up a little Youtube vid that you can checkout here: Ed Sanford
  13. Yes, we replaced the dual tac's with Suzuki Tac's. That was included in the rigging. I also added hour meters on the dash (about $24.00 bucks a piece) that attached to the wires going to the TACS. I also bought the trim meters about $67.00 each. The Hour meters were installed where the old Robalo key switches were located. The new Key switches ( apart of the rigging) were installed behind the lower part of the helm. This weekend I will photograph the whole shooting match and post...
  14. Ok Guys, I got the boat back today with new twin 200 Zukes... Honestly, I tried to keep my expectations 'reasonable'. When the mechanic took me out on the sea trial, he nearly threw me off the boat when he hit the throttles. We were up to 50 mph before he took it to WOT. We topped out at 55. I mean it came out of the hole like a rocket. At idle these twins are more quiet than my 2005 Acura TL. It cruises effortlessly at my old cruising speed of 32kts. I brought the boat back home in a steady chop. The boat overall runs better with the extra 370 lbs because it took the weight off of the bow. I always thought this boat had a soft ride. Now it feels like Cotton Candy. Overall, it appears that I made a good decision with the Suzuki DF200s. Thank goodness, this entire process cost a lot, and I have absolutely no buyers remorse. The new throttles are very sensitive. I am going to have get used to them all over again... docking was a little different and I noticed a lot more torque at very slow speeds (I have to make more steering adjustments) One little negative. When we first started up, none of my electronics worked... i.e. dept finder, Radar, GPS, Radio etc... Of course the mechanic said that "I didn't do nuthin". I was not a happy camper. When we took it out on the trial, everything miraculously started working. Of course, they are all going to fail again, and I am going to have to trouble shoot for some type of loose connection in the wiring harnesses or the fuse boxes. When I got in it was nearly dark. So, I will post some pictures when I get the boat cleaned up and the sun is shinning. The engines looked like they were always there... Ed
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