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  1. Do you have anymore clam shell vents?
  2. Are there any numbers on that tank or a I.D plate? I was able to go back to the manufacture and get the exact tank made for my 1985 232...they still keep all the old plans...
  3. Does anybody know what the tightest radius you can put on a mercury shift cable? Working in a enclosed transom on a 1985 232 center console with a bracket and two optimaxs hanging on the rear...Cables are tight where they bend inside the transom to exit into the tubes that lead to the motors and hard to move the shift controls forward and rear...have only about 6" between the front and rear wall inside the transom...
  4. It has a new inspection lid...and has been resealed
  5. Every time it rains or I wash the boat I get water in the fuel tank coffin...does anybody know if the front fish boxes drain into the coffin? or has anybody heard of this...the deck is complety sealed...
  6. looking to replace the lower stripe that runs from bow to stern. it is really 3 stripes together. boat is a 1985 232 center c. anybody have any ideas?
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