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  1. rotorwrench

    Bad timing twice this year for vacation.

    Hate when Murphy strikes.....still a better than a good day at work though.
  2. rotorwrench


    It's rated for 165hp. Look in the general section, under brochure/specification. Going over may cause issues as far as insurance.
  3. rotorwrench

    Am I a wimp?

    I was referring to the cobia.
  4. rotorwrench

    Am I a wimp?

    Sounds like the old man and the sea gone wrong. I agree, sounds like something isn't engaging completely. Have you tried a light penetrating oil like LPS 1? They're might be a slight binding area causing the issue.
  5. rotorwrench

    Need Prop Suggestions - R200 CC with Etec 200hp

    I second Propgods.com, Ken will get you dialed in.
  6. rotorwrench

    A few upgrades

    You slipped, picture #2 shows a shot of your painted toe nails(Michele likes your choice in color). The shorts finally took a toll. What's next, name change to Leeann? That really dresses it up(pun intended), gives it a new appearance. Good thinking on the black, looks like a factory option. Now easy on the feet, rear and cooler I would think. No teak to oil either.
  7. Good thing it didn't leave you stranded or worse yet, ignite. Surprised it's not mounted in the motor well area, in the open.
  8. rotorwrench

    Evinrude Rebel 15p Prop

    Like new Evinrude Rebel 15 3/4" x 15p prop p/n 763658. Less than 15hrs. in fresh water only. I kept this as a spare for my Etec150HO. $300 plus shipping.
  9. rotorwrench

    1992 Robalo 1820

  10. rotorwrench

    Be away for a lil while.

    Remember, forum therapy. Always someone new needing your wealth of knowledge on here. Hang in there and bounce back quickly!
  11. Mine was the end of the original production line but they switched from teak to starboard trim pieces. The fuel fill fittings are accessed by a round deck plate mounted to the gunwhale, also used in other areas.
  12. On my '92 1820, there is a deck plate over the fuel tank to access the tank fittings/sending unit. You can see it looking through the steering wheel. This was taken during the repower rigging.
  13. rotorwrench

    1992 Robalo 1820

    Just haven't used much since the kids are older. Getting out on Lake Erie is tough with my schedule and water conditions. If it sells, great, if not, it's paid for.lol As for Lee's selection, that's a nice vacation home alternative!
  14. rotorwrench

    1992 Robalo 1820

    1992 Robalo 18' deep-V center console, 2007(new in 2009) Evinrude Etec 150HO(only 80hrs) w/digital gauges & stainless 4 blade prop, 2010 Loadrite tandem aluminum trailer w/torsion axles, Bennett trim tabs, Garmin fish finder, bimini top, dive ladder. Great shape and well maintained w/receipts. $15,000
  15. rotorwrench

    Trouble with Gas Tank Fill

    Sounds like a blockage in the vent line as described. Disconnect that smaller going to the port vent and try blowing air through it. If blocked, try low psi compressed air to clear or disconnect the hose at both ends and clear the obstruction.