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  1. Yep, finishing up, my daughter just graduated and my son in the spring. Both went to VA(Radford & VA Tech). Will do. If I was buying one it would have at least a 48" beam for lateral stability. Definitely a decent back bay boat, ideal for crabbing. Take a look at SeaArk for a quality built jon, pricey though.
  2. Yeah, haven't looked here much since selling the 1820 to help with kids tuition. I know what you mean on the jon boat prices, have looked for a wider beam version for local large mouth fishing. No such luck at those prices, they can keep'em. Ended getting an old Ouachita 12' jon(max 5hp rated) with a 36" beam, free from my Dad's old neighbor. Tippy is an understatement, need to add some lateral stability. Thinking of some sort of foam floatation on the sides, just above the water surface when underway, yet stable at rest.
  3. Cool, patience pays off...in theory. Like you don't have enough going on to take on a project.
  4. Hope the holiday season was good to everyone! Dan, like you have a choice, somebody has to keep this site in check. Keep up the steady progress and enjoying the salt life!
  5. Pretty cool! That boat definitely increases your range, being able to enjoy a whole new sea adventure.
  6. Dang, you really have persevered through all of this, I salute you! Think it's time for a cold beer in one hand and neked hooters in your face....rehab. Guess now it's time to get another project boat.
  7. Pretty cool! He looks pretty comfortable, good thing you guys found him when you did. I'll bet he is taller than you when on his hind legs.
  8. Hate when Murphy strikes.....still a better than a good day at work though.
  9. It's rated for 165hp. Look in the general section, under brochure/specification. Going over may cause issues as far as insurance.
  10. I was referring to the cobia.
  11. Sounds like the old man and the sea gone wrong. I agree, sounds like something isn't engaging completely. Have you tried a light penetrating oil like LPS 1? They're might be a slight binding area causing the issue.
  12. You slipped, picture #2 shows a shot of your painted toe nails(Michele likes your choice in color). The shorts finally took a toll. What's next, name change to Leeann? That really dresses it up(pun intended), gives it a new appearance. Good thinking on the black, looks like a factory option. Now easy on the feet, rear and cooler I would think. No teak to oil either.
  13. Good thing it didn't leave you stranded or worse yet, ignite. Surprised it's not mounted in the motor well area, in the open.
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