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  2. Transom came out nice! Did you finish it with gelcoat or paint? And lets see some pictures of the 2018!
  3. So it's time to finish this project up. I visited Islamorada with my stepson in March and caught and released my first hogfish as well as grunts and some smaller panfish. I liked it so much we returned the week before memorial day with youngest daughter and her husband. Again we fished the headboat at Robbie's and caught tons more panfish and a triggerfish and a margate. In June we fished out of Pirates Cove in Manteo NC on the Country Girl, a 57 ft sportfisher that holds 30 passengers. We caught 50 lbs of delicious Tilefish and cryovaced and froze them and have gone through most of them for family friday night fish fries. In early July, an ad appeared on Craigslist for a 2018 R200 at a reasonable price in Roanoke Rapids NC. It is pretty box-stock/plain jane but only had 55 hours on it and had just had 100 hr service. It was too good to pass up and it came with a trailer. So now the 2018 boat is dry stored indoors and the 1980 R200 sits on the 2018 Coyote trailer. The new 2021 aluminum trailer that I bought back in January was still untitled and I was able to sell it on Facebook marketplace for what I paid for it as the price has gone up over 10 percent and the wait time has increased too. A guy in Chesapeake is finishing up the transom this weekend and it's going to the outboard man John Tiger next week. I plan on using the 1980 as my "keys boat" and leave the 2018 here in Chesapeake. Here's a photo of the new coosa transom under repair.
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  5. Hi Chester and welcome to the forum. I think it was 2001-2002 time frame, just after Chaparral purchased Robalo. If you are a member on TheHullTruth, send a pm to Joebalo...he is one of their reps on that site.
  6. When did Robalo go with composite structure vs wood? I'm looking at a 2003 - 2004 21' foot center console
  7. That is a gorgeous retro-mod as they say. I love the re-do of the original console and the prod off the bow for the windlass is nicely done. I'd love to see more pics of that from initial shape to layup, etc. All said and done how much chain and rode can your locker hold? I'd love to do that project on my 2120 as well.
  8. Hi Mikbrew - Start a new thread under Restorations and Custom Projects. Include pictures so we can better understand what is being worked on. Looking forward to seeing your project!
  9. Thank you! It's a process 😁
  10. Good choice on the chainsaw. I had not even considered that....bet it made short work on that foam! Have you decided on a poly or aluminum tank?
  11. Best of luck in your search. I'm sure it's getting frustrating.
  12. Thanks for your help! Yes it was really corroded and full of holes. I finally got it out. I used my small electric dewalt chainsaw to cut all the foam out around the side, then lifted it out with a pry bar.
  13. Hey FullThrottle, Thank you! The one on the lift is already sold, I was second in line in case the deal fell through. The one on the trailer, I called the morning it showed up but it had already been put under contract the day before the listing even showed up. I am in line again in case it falls through but low probablity. lol
  14. Just happened to look at BoatTrader and they have a few listed near you. Maybe one of those will work out. https://www.boattrader.com/boats/make-robalo/model-r247-dual-console/
  15. @2-n-tow Thank you! for your response, I might have to contact a Fort Lauderdale Robalo dealer as the one here for Fort Myers did not really respond to me, maybe becuase I didnt want to order a new one lol
  16. Hi, I recently bought a and robalo 19 foot boat. I have to rebuild about the entire boat. It is in dire shape but I still love it. I am only beginning my trek into the build. I have many questions to ask. I would suppose there is many of you here that can help me? Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi RobaloDC - Our classified section is not that big and will mainly be 2005 and older boats. The factory Robalo forum may be a better source for the year boat you are looking for. As for how to find that boat, you have already discovered these are not normal times for boat buying. Check with your local Robalo dealer and see what he recommends. They may be networked with other dealers that can notify him when a Robalo comes in for trade-in. Other than that, keep checking sites daily. Wish I had better ideas than that. Let us know how the search goes.
  18. Looking for a 2014-2018 dual engined 247 dual console.
  19. As many of you know, finding a used Robalo is tough especially since I am looking for a specific boat: post-2014, 247 with dual engines. My question is, would it be helpful to call a ton of dealers and leave my wishlist? Obviously a lot of work and was wondering if anyone has done this with good results? Of course I am searching all the boat sites several times a day but just this morning a boat popped up only to call and find it sold the same day of the lot so of course the websites are lagging in posting the listing. Also, is there a "Wanted" section here? I didn't see it but that doesn't mean much :) Thanks in advance for any insight or advice!
  20. Good Morning 2-N-TOW, thank you very much for the photos! That's what I'm looking for. Now to find an aluminum fabricator here and work up a design. Many thanks for your assistance.
  21. Thank you very much for your help! Really appreciate it!
  22. What I have is a longer version of that seat at the transom. I had Birdsall Marine fabricate an aluminum base that has 2 quick disconnect hinges so I can either remove it easily or drop it down flat against the transom. I will pull it out in the next day or so and set up so I can post a picture.
  23. Thank you for replying Sir. I'd like to do something similar to the 2 doors on both port and starboard and additionally on both sides using the gunwales as back support. I want them to be removable yet need to be secured and not bouce around while underway. I'd like to seat 6. Many thanks.
  24. Those pictures are great! Can you post some pictures of the seats you have in mind? Are these going to be permanent or removable? I got some ideas, but need to be sure I understand what you are looking for.
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