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  3. New Martinsville, WV? Sorry to hear about Hydrofest. The information out of Evansville is still kind of vague, depending on which source you read.
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    This popped up on a Facebook memory. 5 years ago.
  5. Evansville's entire Hydrofest event was abruptly canceled yesterday. 😯
  6. West Virginia and in September it turns out. Another possibility is Valley Fields in Quebec, which fits our schedule better.
  7. 1994 Robalo 2120 repowered with 2007 Honda four stroke. Trailer completely rebuilt in 2018. Batteries moved under console. 887hrs on motor. New vhf 2019, new garmin 94sv plus 2019, new fusion stereo 2019. Great on fuel cruise 22mph to 28mph at 3mpg. Ready to fish or cruise. $16900
  8. How are you able to find half way decent project boats that the prior owner butchered??? And what the heck was this person thinking when cutting out all that area in front of the transom? Were you able to get the stuff he cut out for possible re-use?
  9. The way the transom was hacked up, and after some cleaning and cutting.
  10. Figured I should make a new thread on the new project iam going to start working on. Didn’t have much time today to get much done but cleaned her up a bit. Some hack job decided to start the transom from the inside and destroyed certain things I would have never done. I will attach a few pictures of the boat as well as the hack job. I cleaned it up a bit and started to remove some extremely rotted wood.Trying to decide weather to close the transom and use a bracket or just keep the stock style set-up and redo the rear floor area.
  11. Did you ever get lucky! 21 ft is the bare minimum for bracketing based on what I found when I did mine. If you add a bracket, you will need to shift a considerable amount of weight forward to offset that 4 stroke motor hanging 30 inches further back behind the transom. If your batteries are at the transom, they have to be moved to the console. You may also need to put some weight up in the bow to help get the center of gravity back where it was designed to be. If you don't have trim tabs, definitely add them if the bracket is added...makes all the difference in the world for getting on plane and running in rough water. One big positive once the boat is set up with the bracket....it will handle like a bigger boat and be much more enjoyable in bumpy water. I was pleasantly surprised in what an additional 30 inches in overall boat length did to my boat. What are your plans for enclosing the transom? I incorporated 2 fish boxes across the back of the boat extending 12 inches forward of the original transom. The box structure also added some strength to the transom along with the 2 knee braces I installed to extend the stringers up higher. Look at my rebuild thread It shows what I did rebuilding the 2160. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  12. "i'm have plan to remove the kicker motor" Too late 😄 Some days ago, during a strong tropical storm, one of two bildge pumps has stopped and another one was off. The rain start to go inside the boat and the old rear scupper drains allow to the sea water to increase the level in the bildge. Luckily the boat don't sunk ... Now the Robalo still at the dry in the shipyard. I have to replace/check the bidge pumps, seal the aft hatch, replace the scupper drains, partially rebuild the electric system in the battery compartment and, obviously, remove the Yammy 15 (50 kg. less on the transom). I'm thinking also to install an engine bracket and raise the transom.
  13. Where at in Virginia? I don't see anything on the APBA site under vintage on the schedule. I am up for a short trip!
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    I learned my lesson a long time ago...all rods to be used that day go in the rod holders on the radar arch. Years ago we were working the pilings between the 2nd and 3rd islands for spades and sheephead. My buddy looks to the side of the boat and there is a nice cobia. Of course the bigger spinning rods were in the gunwhale racks. By the time we could get them out and ready to cast, the man in the brown suit had disappeared. I am glad to hear there is some bait out there. Toss a bucktail into one of those pods and snag a menhaden, then send it back out and let it sink below the bait ball. Cobia will cruise under them looking for an easy meal...just like stripers do. I have tried this down around OBX...have not caught a cobia that way yet, but have had some nice surprises with other species.
  15. I think it all looks fine. A multi-purpose set-up for both cruising with family, yet capable of some hard core fishing when the urge strikes. All you need now is a power pole and trolling motor for working the shallows for puppy drum and specks!
  16. Glad to hear you found the source! It is unfortunate that it is gonna cost a little money, but the problem will now be solved and not a concern the rest of the summer. Sometimes tracking down this stuff is like an Easter egg hunt.
  17. There's an all Vintage event coming up on your side of the country in June. Virginia? We are thinking about a long road trip.
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    It hit a clarkspoon I had on for the small fish. I was running a bucktail for cobia on a larger rod and a drone for cobia. I was rigging up an artificial eel at the time of the strike and getting the bucktail ready for casting. I had run around the 2nd island at dawn (beautiful sunrise Sunday) as I heard they'd been hitting there, but no luck and no signs of fish. Small bait balls on fishfinder. Headed over to Cape Henry and much more bait and the balls were larger and tighter, but nothing hit (was told spanish were biting on planners, so I had two out). When I saw the cobia sighting boats, I changed up lures (not the small one of course) and headed in their direction (about 2 miles offshore near the green can buoy). Again plenty of bait tightly packed. One of the 'issues' with having extra seating for the family cruises is that there isn't gunwale storage for rods. So, when I fish I have to take the rods onboard each time. With gunwale storage I always kept lighter tackle onboard and just brought the bigger rods. So, at 4am I only grabbed 3 rods and hadn't expected cobia, so it was two light weights and one medium rod. Guess I'm going to have to start packing for every possibility.
  19. So today on a hunch by the boat mechanic. He filled the bilge with more water in hopes to add pressure to the lower parts of the boat. Once he did that the bottom part of the trim tab where its installed was dripping with water. Fix procedure is reported as removing both trim tabs (only one is leaking but I asked him to remove both and install new ones) He will be re fiberglassing and then painting and then finnaly reinstalling new trim tabs. I may also have him redo the old motor mounts.
  20. I think you will need a BRP dealer to look up the freeze plug number. They should be able to cross reference the number on the plug to the serial number and model number.
  21. 2-N-TOW


    Way to go! Betcha that got the blood pressure up! And why is it always the smallest rod that gets hit??? What were you trolling and did you see any schools of menhaden? Were they in the Bay or along the ocean front? Sorry for all the questions, but you got my attention with the post and picture!
  22. Id like to know the year of my 9.5 johnson no model tag but co512961on the frost plug....rustym59@hotmail.com...thank you
  23. Finally have the boat the way I tried to order it (had to accept what was available as I didn't want part of the summer without a boat). Added VHF radio, autopilot, radar, outriggers, windshield wiper, etc. I took this at a bad angle and the cockpit section is larger than it appears in this picture.
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  25. About once a week I will go on YouTube and look up some of the inboard races from 1980 thru 2005. It is a shame where the sport is now. Races at St. Petersburg, FL where 3 eliminations were required to get the field down to a manageable size for the final heat. 7 liters and Grand Prix boats putting on one heck of a race with full fields; not what we see now where there are fewer boats to make the field. The Hampton Cup Regatta was always one of the biggest races of the season back in the late '80s where it had over a hundred boats...nothing like that now. I have to wonder if Valleyfield has still been able to keep the boat count up like they did back in the '90s. Heck, they even had us outboarders on the schedule and everyone looked forward to going to Valleyfield almost as much as going to the Nationals!
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    I only went out this morning early (4:30 am) to run the boat in the dark once before taking my bride out next weekend for a sunrise cruise. I did bring some rods, but I was only expecting small blues (did catch) or Spanish mackerel (nada). However, I saw a bunch of cobia sight fishing and decided to troll in that direction. In seconds my small rod and reel were singing, line just spinning out. I could see the cobia trying to throw the hook about 100 yards behind the boat. I applied some drag and POP, it was gone. Not sure what size, but it seemed to be fairly large. Wish I'd brought some larger equipment, but it was fun all the same. Within an hour everyone had left. It was over. For those in my area, it was a couple of miles offshore between Cape Henry and the Green Can. Since I didn't get the Cobia, no pictures, and of course it would have to be returned to the sea anyway since Cobia season isn't open here until June. However, while looking for Cobia I did get a good pic of the rays they hang with.
  27. Boat is out of the water. Filled bilge and not a single drop of water out of the boat in 2 days. However, when we filled the livewell and 2 fishwells the water level in the bilge went higher. So high that water entered the cuddly cabin. On monday the shop will be draining the bilge and only filling the livewell and fishwells to see if that is where its leaking into the bilge slowly.
  28. Getting ready for this year.
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