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  2. It’s a 2008 R245 I like to cruse and fish I do like to get places quickly as well the boat with motors and gear ice water fuel passengers is in the 7200 lb range I would guess. Wot is 6000 RPM on the Honda’s. I have only sea trialed the boat and haven’t gotten a lot of time behind the wheel but at 5500 rpm we were running around 43 plus mph and it seems like they run the same props on the twin 150 hp boats. I was just curious if something in a 19 pitch would be better for keeping the cruise Revs down and max high speed without loosing the whole shot! I realize it’s not a speed boat😉
  3. I have a little experience playing with props and set-ups. Got some questions to get started. What model and year engines? What is your wide open rpm and gps speed? What kind of load (people, fuel, ice - just approx weight) when you see the performance numbers?
  4. Hi Sharky and welcome to the site. We are all trying to find ways to kill time and stay safe while this virus disrupts everything. Nice looking boat...what all have you done to it? Like the tower. Is the boat going to be ready for the cobia run in 4-6 weeks, if we can get to the water? Where are you in North Carolina?
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  6. My boat currently has 15.5”x17p SS mirage plus props just looking for comps or experienced testers to offer some input thanks.
  7. How are we all doing here considering the world in shambles.? Names Sharky and i am NOT an Alcoholic Just been looking around for some factory parts for my 3 year long build.
  8. Conrad and gw204, thanks for the replies! I got the boat back from the shop where the mechanic repaired their sending unit installation job and didn't notice any fuel leaking over this weekend! As for the water getting into the cuddy, I didn't run the fwd bilge at all and no water came it at all! So happy about both items not appearing to be big issues. I had a look at the thru hull for the fwd bilge and it definitely sits underwater when the boat is sitting and trolling, so I'm 99% sure it was just a siphon issue. I don't have the 2nd (fwd) thru hull on the port side so I don't think my model had the head option, although it has a "waste" cap like the gas cap... I'll have a look for some plumbing and go from there I guess. Appreciate the responses.
  9. Yes, you mention that before and that is the route I was going until you mentioned the plywood flanges. And I agree that given the nature of the old deck and it’s condition, the thicker marine ply will probably be better. It will help support the old (weaker) deck and it’s perfect imperfections! If I am not finished in 11 years, I will personally deliver my boat to you.
  10. Hi Remington and welcome to the forum. Based on what I can find from multiple Robalo parts guides, it appears they use the same speakers across a lot of the models and a wide range of years: Based on this, 6 1/2". If you can pop the grill off of one, you should be able to confirm the diameter of the hole.
  11. I cannot find anything like what is on the top now, but what about something like this? https://www.acehardware.com/departments/hardware/chain-and-rope/pulleys/56799?x429=true&gclid=CjwKCAjwpqv0BRABEiwA-TySwWYj-YIA9GorHzviXFLj9stbiuoqOww2bId-cqjLGODhIsF1vg2QfBoCJqgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds You don't want too much tension on the line, yet these can work on a clothes line and are aluminum. Also appear to have a small profile. You may find that two are easier to work than one.
  12. Ask him how many times I have threatened to do an intervention and take the boat away! As for coating the wood for the flange, the answer is yes or they will eventually rot. The alternative is to do what I did on my rebuild a long time ago and lay up some fiberglass strips about 1/4 - 3/8" thick and 4" wide. After it set up, cut to length then bonded to the bottom of the deck with thickened resin and screwed in place. Nothing to rot and they do add support to the new deck.
  13. Vanfleet24 - Is yours a 2160? Can you post a picture of the inside of the boat looking to the transom? The 2160 comes with a bilge and the in-floor fish box drains thru the bottom of the boat thru a thru hull fitting. That fitting is plugged off with a brass/rubber drain plug.
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  15. Is it necessary to fibreglass glass the flanges or coat in epoxy, resin? First Timer..... looks like you hold the record by 10 years and 2 months!! 😁😁😁
  16. Hi! Thanks for the reply- that photo is just one I found on the web as my boat is currently shrink wrapped. Good Eye! I've zoomed in on the two items you asked about- the first- what i referred to as a grommet (likely the wrong name) is just a plastic post screwed into the TTop. this acts as an attachment point for the cord to go around to keep tension and connectivity between the top and t top. the second picture is of the locking device- mine looks a bit different but i think you get the idea- this is where the cord starts and stops- the lock keeps the tension on the cord. I can certainly just replace the cord with para cord and fins a similar locking device appropriately sized for the cord. Just didn't know if there was anything to consider when undertaking the project- envisioning scenarios where I cant ever get the top back on- or for some reason cant tighten it enough to be confident it wont fly off when underway.
  17. I guess i have to intervene just to poke fun on a quote.... "world's longest Robalo restoration project " 😆
  18. My 2140 has 2 thru hulls on each side and they are for the following: P1 (the forward one) - holding tank overboard discharge. If the boat is equipped with a holding tank, it should also have a vent fitting about half way up the hull side a few feet forward of the thru hulls and the waste port will have a 1-1/2 hose that routes down under the floor by the port side captains chair. P2 - port side livewell drain S1 - forward bilge pump discharge. This one had one of those cheap scupper valves installed over it to prevent back flow. It's pretty much a straight run from the pump to the thru hull. Based on other pictures I see online I don't think the valve is factory. I'm betting a previous owner put it on my boat to address the same issue. I don't think the siphon would be strong enough to pull that much water in. My guess is it's simply being forced up through the discharge hose. S2 - starboard side livewell drain
  19. And where do I go about installing a bildge in the boat given it’s a self bailing boat it doesn’t have one right now
  20. So that fish box/ live well in the back transom has a hole that goes through to bottom of boat is that made to have a Bildge in it or what is it used for I was confused on the purpose of it
  21. Does anyone know the size of the factory speakers that come with the Clarion radio on the 2020 Cayman 206
  22. In regards to your water leak: The 4 screw holes in the sole of the cabin are most likely from a head that has been removed. If the plumbing was not removed also, the water may be coming from the raw water supply for the head. The thru hull with seacock is located under the remote oil tank inside the starboard transom compartment. Verify that the seacock is closed. Conrad
  23. We do not have a copy of it on the site that I am aware of. You may be able to get one by contacting Chaparral and see if they may have one. If you do manage to track one down, please post it here so I can add it to our manuals section.
  24. Looking at your picture, install the flanges under the old deck instead of the new deck. Same size and idea, just be sure to coat the wood either before or after it is installed under the old floor so moisture cannot get into it. Once installed and screwed in place, place a good coat of thickened epoxy or resin on the exposed flange, then drop the new floor into place and screw down until cured.
  25. I am trying to completely renovate my 2000 Robalo 2640, but cannot seem to find anywhere where to locate an Owner's Manual or an Electrical Wiring Diagram. Does anyone know where I can access these?
  26. Not a problem.... I am thankful that you are there to reply at all!! Just to clarify on my part, I have replaced the entire deck and the fit of the new ply is tight all the way around (albeit in two pieces), so there is no room to add a lip to the underside of the new deck. Unless I am missing something?
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