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  2. Looks good! Regarding the gps, place it directly in your sight line behind the steering wheel. LCD displays do not look as sharp when viewed from an angle. Something about how the pixels are arranged and also the anti-glare screen surface. This is speaking from experience, by the way. I have a 10 inch Garmin MFD directly behind the wheel and the image is great. I also have an older Furuno bottom machine off the side of the MFD, and it is nowhere as bright as the Garmin unless I move so I am directly in front of it. Analog gauges can be viewed from any angle, so they can be mounted off to the side.
  3. If the 250 is a 30 inch shaft, definitely 25 inches for twins.
  4. Glad that the water pressure wasn't an issue. Haven't been diving in 30 years. Looks great.
  5. I have a 1999 2440 with a single merc 250 efi and looking to repower with twins. I have located a used set of 2012 200hp mercury verados with 200 hrs on them. What size (Shafts) engines do I need to get? 25inch or 30 inch? -Paul
  6. Progress is never fast enough! waxed up and ready for glass 3 layers of chop strand 2 layers of mat and a final layer of chop strand taped in from the underside I still need to tape the seams from above Put my helm pod back on to confirm it still fits. still considering if the gps should be middle with the gauges on the left or center the gps on the wheel and put the gauges in the middle. This is the teak i will use for the helm pod. Now i just need to repair my Jointer and make sure all my fences are true. See you in a few weeks!
  7. Adding a new update to this (and new milestone for me!) During one of my follow-up doctor appointments last August, I asked the ear/nose/tjhroat doctor if he saw any reason why i would have any issues either flying or diving. Both activities involve being able to clear your ears due to changes in pressure. Since I now only have one ear, I was a little concerned about the non-functioning side that had been surgically sewn shut. The doctor's response...flying should be ok and I guess you can dive but we have not had a patient that has gone through this type of surgery before ask about diving. I had a conference I flew to in October. Chewed lots of gum on the plane, but did not have any issues at all. YES!!! So this got me thinking I should be fine diving! Another thing this surgery made me realize is that nothing tomorrow is guaranteed, so live every day like it could be your last day. I know this sounds a little morbid, but my attitude in the hospital changed a lot and got me thinking about this very thing. One of the running jokes I have with my wife is where do I find my expiration date (like the one you see on any lots of stuff we buy at the store; you know, the BEST IF USED BY date). So this leads up to the most recent adventure. Back in October, I told Nancy we were going somewhere for Spring Break with another couple. Kids could go only if they paid for their airline ticket. Out of 4 possbile kids, only my son Tyler took us up on the offer. Originally picked Curacao, but could not find a place for 7 days as it was Carnival Week (3/2-3/9). Fall back plan was Cozumel and we were able to get a house for 7 days on the west side of the island about 8 miles south of the city and away from the cruise ships. The husband of the other couple was in the process of getting his scuba certification and made arrangements to do his certification / referral dives while at Cozumel. I told him to book Tyler and me a couple of dives with his divemaster to use as a refresher for me. Nancy laid the rules down as to what I could or could not do on the dives since I was going into uncharted territory and I was to go no deeper than 40-50 ft (yes, dear). I told her I was an adult and knew how to call off a dive if I was uncomfortable, plus Tyler would be diving with me! Still, she was on me right up until the time the boat picked us up at the dock on our beach. I was up front with the dive master and explained what was going on with me and I would let him know if there were any issues under water. He was fine with that. We suited up, and over the side we went. I had a slight problem with my mask leaking at 15 ft, but was able to get that resolved. The dive master then took us down to 30 ft and checked on me again...all was good. Continued to the bottom at 40 ft where he worked with the other diver on his certification skills while Tyler and I explored the nearby reef staying within 50 ft of the dive master. 30 minutes later, he signaled for us to head back up, and I told him I felt fine and had no issues clearing my ear and equalizing pressure. He had a second certification dive scheduled for a different location and told us to follow him down and do the same as last time while he worked with the diver. This time was only 35 ft max, so we got close to 45 minutes bottom time. Back to the boat and I was a happy camper! Get back to the dock and got permission to take Tyler on 2 more dives with one being a wall dive and the second one being a fast drift dive over the inner reef. We leave the dock at 7:45 am two days after the first dives. Dive master says we will do the wall dive first with a max depth of 80-90 ft, 1 hour surface interval, then the second dive will be at 35-40 ft. Tyler gave me a dirty look and I just shrugged my shoulders and said we are good! The wall dive was excellent! Visibility was maybe 50 ft as the water was churned up due to a cold front that passed through 36 hours before. I had done wall dives before in Grand Cayman, but this was Tyler's first to experience the steep drop off. We got to explore a lot of overhangs and deep cuts in the reef along the lip of the wall and saw lots of turtles. Just behind the turtle is the drop off. Tyler checking out one of the spurs in the coral reef just above the drop off. After about 30 minutes, I had to head up due to low air. I had a real slow leak at the second stage regulator, so I managed to go through my tank about 15 minutes faster than everyone else. I signaled the dive master that I was at 750 lbs and was heading up to do a safety stop at 15 ft, then surface. He was fine with that, gave me his float, and kept u;p with the rest of the divers until they were ready to surface. Second dive was shallow, but the current was ripping! We got a good 50 minutes of bottom time since it was a drift dive. The higlight of this dive was seeing a 5 ft shark (guessing it was a nurse shark) resting on the bottom. Lots of colorful tropical fish. Back to the boat and had no issues at all during 4 dives! Happy is an understatement knowing I can still do a lot of what I did prior to the surgeries. Of course, I caught a little grief from the wife when we told her what we did and saw, but dammit, I am going to enjoy life as much as possible while I still can! So, to summarize this, I can scratch one more thing off my list that I am able to return to. I am also looking forward to my next doctor's visit in April to let them know what I have accomplished in the past 6 months. This last picture of our wall dive is one that I really like. This is over the edge of the wall looking up. (all pictures taken with a GoPro3...nothing fancy)
  8. Happy St. Patrick's day
  9. Hi Rikkicc and welcome to the site! I don't have any information on the 1994 model, but click on the below link and select R2660.doc for information for the previous year: http://www.robaloboatowners.net/specs/1986-1993/ Here is a copy of the factory brochure for 1992 (closest year we have on file for the 2660) http://www.robaloboatowners.net/brochures/1992.pdf Hope this gives you something to start with!
  10. Longtime boater, first time potential Rabalo owner. I'm looking for any and all feedback about the 1994 2660 walk around. If ANY ONE has ANYTHING they could tell me about these boats, it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
  11. They had a top speed straight away of 115 mph
  12. 😀 2014 207 DC 150 Yamaha 4/s 150 hrs Fully loaded, Stored inside high & dry since new. Engine flushed by yard after every use. no bottom paint. Shark grey hull Black canvass Garmin echo map 70DV porta pote never used. No trailer $25,000 Located Bradenton FL. Bill 352 425 5789
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  14. Hey, Sub Cool I forgot to ask because I don't remember seeing any,,,,,, You got any pics of your boat ?? Don "The Dr. Ann"
  15. It has the original aluminum tank, 82 gallons as far as I know. Strapped down , no foam. Tank is in very good shape, only thing I had to do was empty it and clean out some tarballs, I guess from previous owner using Cheap oil...…. When I did that I also changed out all the hoses and added the self venting fill cap.... No more overflow out the hull side vent running down the hull side an sometimes getting you on the way out...... I just mention this ,in case you need to clean yours up.... When I got mine, the windshield frame was just bare aluminum an had some corrosion pits... I first cleaned it with acetone on a rag, and then used a 320 grit wet/dry sandpaper to clean it. (Used acetone first, so that any oil etc that may have been on it got cleaned off first) because if you sand it without cleaning, you can actually rub in the oil and then maybe have problems with paint not adhering later. I then taped off all the glass areas and any adjacent decking areas, and painted mine flat black. I HIGHLY recommend if you do paint it to use Rust Oleum Industrial paint in the spray can. Don't use the cheaper regular RustOleum spray. Industrial is only about $1.00 more, but that paint is pretty remarkable in holding power ! That paint you see in the picture is the original job I did 23 years ago !! Honestly.. I have never had to paint it again. But remember, anytime you paint...… Preparation is Everything ! I am in Louisiana, so I fish and boat in Saltwater. Don "The Dr. Ann"
  16. I missed the lack of a horizontal stabilizer that could also be used for trimming the boat. I guess they knew what their target speed and designed the boat to hold the sponsons on the water instead of "walking them" to spill excess air. From the pictures of it running, that boat was running with more sponsons on the water than a typical racing hull. As for your last picture, I think some of my racing "incidents" have re-visited me over the past couple of years and make me feel like that sometimes.
  17. Pretty incredible that they didn't even incorporate a horizontal and vertical stabilizer
  18. What the heck? Those pictures just caused me to spend the last half hour reading articles on that "test platform". These guys were about 25 years ahead of their time and did not even attempt to hide it from the rest of the racing crowd. The pickle-fork hydro (this started to appear in the outboard tunnel boats around the early '80s), the cab-over idea where the driver is in front of the engine, and utilizing turbine power - even if it was not hooked up to a gearbox and prop shaft. I was impressed with the research they did on utilizing twin rudders with a fishtail dampening wedge that also promoted some lift at the transom. I suppose when the 3 pt hydros evolved to the wider transoms some years later, that kind of reduced the need for some of that rear lift but at the same time, it makes you wonder if it would have made driving a little easier instead of just relying on the prop to get the back of the boat above the water surface.
  19. 1961 The Boeing family was a huge part of the sport, especially Bill jr. Never raced in competition.
  20. What looks to be cracked on the edge of the batterie box is someone’s attempt at beginning to cut away the box like the other side. The hull itself is really solid even the floorboard is rock solid. It would be safe to say it’s actually in better shape then the 230 other then the hack job removal of the transom. Iam contimplating whether I should sell the 230 to re-coup some funds I spent to buy this hull and focus on the 2520, as I like the layout and Ice boxes better on this hull.
  21. Dude...you got it bad! How did you convince the wife you had not lost your mind? How bad are the stress cracks in the floor in front of the battery boxes? Boat looks pretty good on the outside other than the butcher job on the transom. What are your plans for it?
  22. Sadly not much to report with work so busy haven’t had much time to work on the 230. I did however buy a 1980 2520 that someone ripped off the transom (somewhat) and gave up on. Makes total sense no time for one project but go ahead and buy another.
  23. APBA is the governing body as I understand it but H1 still negotiates for the unlimited paydays. Every team that shows up, evenly splits a portion. The big payoff comes at season end based on total points. Detroit may still have unlimited boats showing up but not the Gold Cup.
  24. Looks like Detroit needs to update their webpage as they are still saying both Unlimited and Grand Prix will be racing in a new racing format. I do wish they would stop with the nciknames for some of these classes and stay with their original APBA class name. I suppose it is part of the marketing gimmick, though. At least the race is going to another site with a strong historical attachment to the U boats, though. Maybe something good will come out of this in the end.
  25. Nick2k - Just sent you a pm regarding the covers. Click on the envelope in the upper right hand corner to access the message. Dan
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