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  2. Thanks 2-N-TOW. I believe the seller keeps the boat on the trailer, but I am going to insist that it's pulled for inspection if he does not. I've made it clear that that spot is an area of concern and I need to get a closer look. I also noticed that the port side of the cockpit deck is soft, so I am going to try and investigate that more as well. I was under the impression that these boats were completely filled with foam, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Any comments on suggestions on that? The current seller has only had the boat a short time and he was very forthcoming with that information. He said it wasn't fast enough w/ the 225. Since he's young I asked if he does a lot of wakeboarding and he said yes. Seems like a good guy and I don't get any bad vibes from him. Asking price is $9800/obo. Boat seems pretty clean and fairly maintained. Has a hardtop and very nice Load Rite trailer.
  3. ISO/WTB 2004-2006 225/225FX
  4. Much better image than the older Garmin HD I have. Part of my problem may also be that it is networked to an old 3210 display. One day I will be updating my electronics and information like this is a big help in knowing how this stuff performs and unbiased evaluations.
  5. That's not good! Did somebody's rudder or fin cut across the front of the sponson? That is the first time I have seen a clean break where the entire sponson separated from the hull like that.
  6. Hi Brian and welcome to the forum! Damage to the trim cap is mainly a cosmetic issue. As for the transom coring, marine grade plywood and caulked under the trim cap. When was the last time bottom paint was applied? Has the current owner noticed any brown stains around any of the fittings that could be indicative of tanin seeping from the wood and weeping to the outside of the hull thru the transom penetration? Will you be able to have the boat put on the trailer to do additional testing of the transom? The below link has some information on what to look for on a used boat: Let us know if you have any more questions.
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  8. lasportsman

    Inspect boat

    I have found a 1976-77 21ft Robalo in Spring Hill, FL. that I am interested in buying. I was wondering if there is a member in that area that could look @ it for me & give some general info on the condition. Thanks, Larry
  9. I did a lot of reading before deciding on the radar. I know the Fantom has some drawbacks, but it's advantages are what I was looking for. Love that I can tell if a a boat is approaching or heading away and seeing so much more than the chartplotter maps show. Anyway, we were on the beach and getting ready to leave when a thunderstorm started. Picked it up and tracked it on the radar. The storm started around Little Creek harbor, which is where we were headed, so it was nice to be able to watch it leave from a safe distance. The radar picked up the storm over 8 miles away and it probably will see one quite a bit further away, however we were only about 8 miles from port when the storm formed.
  10. I'm currently looking at a 1996 Robalo 2140 and noticed some damage on the plastic trim that covers the hull to liner joint at the engine cutout. The spot is right where the top of transom bracket on the Merc 225 meets the transom. The boat was in the water when I initially saw it so I was unable to get a good look at the area, sound the transom or do much other testing of the core integrity.I am well aware that this joint and type of trim is a major contributor to transom rot on older Gradys, so I was wondering if anyone is familiar with what is under the piece of trim or a Robalo? Is the plywood core sealed w/ resin, joint glassed or just caulked, etc? Also, is a replacement trim still available from Robalo?Thanks. Brian
  11. The poly tanks hold up to ethanol fine. Moeller states that their tanks: Roto-molded, cross-linked polyethylene plastic is impervious to corrosion and ethanol-enhanced fuel
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  13. will the poly tanks hold up to the ethenol? never had one so dont really know. Up here in jersey, theres not many places to get "real gas". Pretty much everywhere has E10. Ive heard rumors that theres a couple gas docks with the real stuff, but have yet to find them.
  14. Boat cleaned up real well! Definitely waiting to see some fish on the decks.
  15. Figured since you are doing this, if you don't mind cutting a slight depression on the coffin side where the lid fits, the tabs could then be used to keep the tank from shifting. Another option is to find a poly tank that will fit the coffin box as close as possible and install per the manufacturer's recommendations. They do not use foam around the tank, but instead strap it in place as it has to have some room to allow for tank expansion (I think it is less than 3%).
  16. Most of our racing is on lakes created by Dams on the Columbia River. It's refreshing to race on an inland lake instead of having to deal with current, wind, logs, and sandbars.
  17. Looking good! Nice trailer.
  18. Nasty job indeed! Theres no ID plate or anything left on this tank- at least not on top. Still not done pulling it. Did notice a few holes worn through the top though. Gas fumes are pretty strong but if you give the tank a rapp or two, it sounds empty but i think there may be a few gallons still in there still. Have to find a pump so when i get the sender out (which is going to be a job by itself unless i break it out) i can get a hose or something in there to drain whatever is in there. I have some aluminum fuel line left over from when i built my car so i may use that to get to the rear of the tank. Hopefully i can get this thing out this week. So when you say weld some tabs on the tank- im assuming you mean that hang over the top edge of the coffin? Thanks for all the advice! this is where we left off tonight. ...
  19. Replacing tanks is a nasty job. A pressure washer will remove a lot of it but it does get blown everywhere. If you go back with an aluminum tank, be sure to coat it with coal tar epoxy to extend the life of the tank. Also consider seeing if you can have some tabs welded on top of the tank to anchor it. This would allow not having to foam the entire coffin box. Would still need to fabricate some sort of cradle to support the bottom. Another thing to think about is creating a drain from the coffin box to the bilge so water will not accumulate around the tank.
  20. Hi Lynn - Just replied to your question...check your pm. BTW...I removed the email address from your reply. We like to keep a little privacy for our members.
  21. Hi Sharky and welcome to the site! Lots of good information on the site, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Where are you located in North Carolina? And how did you come up with the name SharkysRacing?
  22. Are there any numbers on that tank or a I.D plate? I was able to go back to the manufacture and get the exact tank made for my 1985 232...they still keep all the old plans...
  23. I am interested in purchasing clam shell covers. Do you still sell them. Thank you.
  24. This has been my project for the past 2 years. She is ALMOST done. Cobia tower will be here next week. Then just a leaning post. And she will be ready. first few pics were from the day i drug her home. Bought her with a single Mercury 250 Efi. Now shes powered by Twin F225's. And a WAY overkill electronic system. She ALMOST ready to get bloody.
  25. Hello fellow Robalonians. Names John. Just found the site and figured i would stop by, ask a few questions. Learn a few things and maybe find a few fishing buddies. Im in Nc.
  26. Got the coffin opened today.. Wasnt as bad as i was expectying but its still looked like crap in there. Front to tank the foam was dry but seen a little water the deeper i went. Rear of the tank- LOADS of water, rotten foam with a mud-like consistency. Been copping little by little with a big screwdriver. buzzed the sides with a cordless sawzall and long demo blade. hoses are beyond shot. going to try to get sending unit out tomorrow and set up some sort of A-Frame with a come-along and try to pop the tank out. Im dying to see underneath. More to come -cheers
  27. got the t top off, the rats nest of wires cleared out, and the console off. Tomorrow we get dirty! Lots of pics to come.
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